Vibratory pile driver

A vibratory pile driver has a number of important advantages compared to a traditional hammer. Firstly, a vibratory pile driver can be extremely economical and therefore the preferred method of pile driving. Installation times are often much shorter than those achieved with impact hammers. Compared to impact pile driving it also has the advantage of reduced vibrations and noise pollution.

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Vibratory pile drivers use spinning weights

There are various types of pile driving equipment. Vibratory pile drivers use spinning weights to generate an eccentric force. These weights are supported inside the carter to which a clamping device is mounted. The carter is suspended in rubbers in the static parts which is held by the crane. In contrast to other types of pile driving equipment a vibratory pile driver works on the principal of loosening the soil by applying vibration. The soil will actually liquefy and the vibration drives the pile deeper into the ground. Vibratory pile drivers are mostly used for placing and extracting sheet piles, H-beams, I-beams and steel piles. Smaller models are sometimes used for wooden piles.


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Vibratory pile drivers can be used in three ways: free hanging from a crawler crane, leader guided with a pile driving crane and attached to a crane. Free hanging vibratory pile drivers are mostly used, powered by a separate generator. The vibratory pile drivers that are attached to a crane are often the smaller vibratory hammers. They are mostly directly powered by the crane. Are you looking for reliable piling systems? At we sell reliable used and new machines such as Delmag pile hammers for every piling and drilling project. Please contact us for more information about our products and services. Out technical staff will be happy to answer all your questions.

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