Custom made

Custom made

Piledrivershop is part of the Van ‘t Hek Group – one of the larger piling companies in the Netherlands. We are usage specialists ourselves as we are using the equipment in our daily work for over more than 70 years. The many years of experience in the wide-ranging field of foundation techniques allows us to develop customized machines that offer the best solution for our customers.

Custom made products

Some projects require custom-made products. The knowledge, experience and hands-on approach of our staff enable to provide our customers with that customized solution. At Piledrivershop we offer safe, accurate and cost-efficient custom made piling equipment for your most challenging project. Dare to ask and get into contact with us!

You have the project, but not the right equipment?

We develop special machines and accessories to order for national and international client. Among the items developed and supplied by Piledrivershop are for example special machines for foundations work, specially adapted cranes with leader and jack up pontoons. We have the necessary engineering capacity to fully supply a custom made product for you wishes.

Looking for specific equipment? Let us search or develop it for you!

Is the product or equipment you are looking for not yet on our website? Not all of our custom made products are listed on our website. Make free use of our broad international network to find that specific product for your project. Why wait as your solution is just a phone call away!