Used piling machine

High quality used piling machine

Used piling machine
If you are looking for a used piling machine, then consider buying one from Piledrivershop.


New versus used piling machine

We applaud your choice for a used piling machine instead of a new one. Here’s why:


A new piling machine will look fantastic and will be equipped with the latest technologies. But really, doesn’t a used piling rig equal the quality of a new one?


And while you need to make a serious investment when you intend to buy new equipment, any piling rig for sale at Piledrivershop requires lower procurement budgets. In other words, it will be easier to get a ‘go’ to buy a used piling machine.


Another reason to choose second-hand machinery over new equipment, is that it won’t depreciate as much in comparison to new machines.


Are you looking for a used piling machine?

Used piling machines
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Piling rig for sale: why choose Piledrivershop

Used piling machineWith many years in the foundation business, Piledrivershop knows exactly what our customers are looking for. We offer thorough advice when you consider buying a used piling machine.


All machines we sell are from high quality manufacturers, such as Junttan, ETEC and Woltman, to name but a few.


Furthermore, our technical staff maintains all machines before we put them up for sale. They make sure all equipment we sell will perform perfectly. Therefore, we can guarantee the reliability of any piling rig for sale at Piledrivershop.


We deliver anywhere around the world.


In short, the machines we sell and the service we offer is much appreciated by the customers that preceded you.


Used piling machine
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We offer trainings in how to operate a used piling machine

Apart from selling equipment, we can help you out by offering trainings as well.


Make sure your staff knows how to use a piling rig. This will ensure a safe and efficient use of the machinery. And that, in turn, will result in high quality work and less accidents.


In case you have no skilled employees, we also offer to recruit experts for you. With our experience in piling, combined with our extensive international network, we will be able to set you up with a team of highly skilled workers.


Piling rig for sale: contact us for more information

Have you got any question with regard to the used piling machine you have set your eyes on? Or would you like to receive more general information about the piling rig that would be the most suitable for you?


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