Silent piler machine

One of the main disadvantages of traditional piling systems is that the piles need to be pounded or vibrated into the ground. These methods generate noise and vibration, which makes them unsuitable for use in cities and other areas where buildings can be damaged, as well as in areas where the environment needs to be protected as much as possible. This is where the silent piler machine offers the best solution.

Different principle

A silent piler machine works according to a different principle than traditional piling systems. In this principle, one installed pile acts as a counter weight which allows the machine to press in the next pile and so forth. Since a silent piler machine does not generate any vibrations or excessive noise this machine is the ultimate solution for non-pollutive piling.

Silent sheet piling

At you are able to procure a silent piler machine that will meet your demands as well as machines for silent sheet piling. The sheets can be hydraulically pushed into the ground, if soil conditions allow it for both permanent structures and temporary retaining walls or construction pits. An ideal solution for applications in inner cities where the vibration-free silent sheet piling technique is preferable.

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