Piling systems

There are many different piling systems for projects around the world which require very specific equipment. In order to support our customers in choosing the best piling systems for their projects we have summarised the most common piling systems used by contractors today.

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Different types of pile foundations:


PipesPiling systems

Steel pipes are typically used in deep foundation projects dealing with soft soils. These pipes are either hollow or closed. A hollow pipe allows the pipe to fill with soil when the piling system is driven into the ground. The soil further strengthens the pipe. A closed pipe is closed off by a steel plate at the end of the pipe to prevent soil from entering the pipe.


Tube screw pile

In cities where vibration and noise of a piling system must be kept to a minimum the tube screw pile is an economical alternative. Combined with a silent piler machine this pile system is most appropriate for use in heavier soils and in densely populated areas.



The purpose of H-piles is to transfer structural loads of large buildings away from the surface into deeper soil. Piling systems applying steel H-piles have been used for deep foundation and marine structures for more than 100 years. And for a number of good reasons. This piling system is typically used in dense soils and rock. As a matter of fact, when founding a piling system on rock H-piles are the best choice.



Sheet piles are not actually part of a piling system. The interlocking sheets are driven into the ground by an impact or vibratory hammer to create continuous walls in excavation projects and provide safe access. Although in most projects sheet piles are temporarily used, there are permanent applications as well. In these projects the sheets remain in the ground to retain ground or water.



Concrete piles are one of the most wide spread piling systems in the world because of price advantages and also availability.

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