Piling rigs for sale

Piling rigs are in great demand by contractors for a number of reasons, but mainly because these versatile machines are cost easy to transport and have a short set up time. Piling rigs can be operated by a smaller crew than crane operated hammers or vibrators and at the same offer the same or even better productivity. Piledrivershop.com has a number of piling rigs for sale that will certainly fit your needs.

These piling rigs for sale have a number of important features

The piling rigs for sale at Piledrivershop.com can be deployed for a number of tasks such as hammering, pressing, drilling or vibrating piles and sheets piles into different types of soils. These piling rigs for sale have a number of features that allow you to complete projects quickly and within budget, such as high mobility and quick set up procedures. At the same time you will appreciate the machine’s accuracy and operational speed. The piling rigs currently for sale are equipped with a vibratory or hydraulic hammer, but other attachments such as boring heads can be used as well.

In general, the piling rigs for sale at Piledrivershop.com can operate in practically any piling situation. Every machine has been manufactured by renowned companies such as Junttan and Woltman which guarantees the best quality machine for your projects. All used piling rigs for sale are checked and serviced by our technical staff before they are offered for sale, in order to make sure you buy the well maintained machine for the best price.

Piling rigs for sale and a wide range of new and used equipment

Piledrivershop.com is part of the largest foundation companie in the Netherlands, the Van ‘t Hek Group, and was launched as a one stop shop for piling systems and drilling equipment. In our shop you will not only find piling rigs for sale but a wide range of other new and used equipment as well, such as Giken piling machines for silent sheet piling or a Junttan pile driver. Please contact us today for more information about our products and services.