Pile driving hammers

Diesel hammersThere are basically three different types of pile driving hammers: diesel, hydraulic and vibratory. Every type has its pros and cons and can be used for different types of piling projects. On this page we will summarise the three types of pile driving hammers as well as other new and used pile driving equipment that you can order at Piledrivershop.com.
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Diesel pile driving hammers

This is the oldest and still most commonly operated pile driving hammer and popular as used pile driving equipment. This hammer works like a two-stroke engine. The ram falls inside the cylinder, and compresses the trapped air. The fuel pump is then activated, spraying diesel onto the anvil. The ram hits the anvil pushing the pile into the ground. Simultaneously, the diesel fuel combusts throwing the ram up in the air again and the whole cycle starts all over.

Hydraulic pile driving hammers

These hammers operate on the basis of the same principle as diesel hammers. One of the main advantages however of a hydraulic piling machine is that the actual hammer is operated by hydraulics instead of a diesel powered explosion. These pile driving hammers are much environmental friendly and produce less noise.


Vibratory pile driving hammers

Vibratory hammers use eccentric weights that rotate rapidly to generate an eccentric force. These hammers are most often used by steel sheet piling contractors for placing and extracting sheet piles, H-beams, I-beams and steel piles. Smaller models are now and then used to place wooden piles. A vibratory hammer is so effective because it loosens the soil through vibrations. This causes the soil to actually liquefy, lowering resistance and causing the pile to be driven downwards more easily.

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