Pile driving equipment

Pile driving equipment can be used to build solid foundations.Although there are more options to build foundations, pile driving has a great advantage: it creates a higher capacity to carry foundations. This is because the pile displaces the soil.


Pile driving equipment: hammers and cranes

Pile driving could be done by lifting a weight and releasing it on top of the pile. This energy drives the pile deep into the ground.In order to do this, you need 2 sorts of pile driving equipment:


First of all you need hammers. We supply diesel hammers, vibratory hammers , hydraulic hammers and silent pilers.

Diesel hammers are the traditional hammers. They are still a much used sort of pile driving equipment. Over the years, vibratory hammers have been added to the inventory. Vibratory hammers use spinning counter-weights to create vibration on the pile. This provides the hammer with more force, enabling the pile to slide more easily into the ground. Lastly, we supply hydraulic hammers. Hydraulic hammers are more efficient than diesel hammers.
Furthermore, they produce less noise and are more environmentally friendly.


Seconly you need cranes. Pile driving equipment requires special cranes that can lift the weights and keep the pile at place. At Piledriveshop we sell a number of well-known brands, such as Etec, Junttan, Woltman, Vermeer, Sumitomo, Soilmec, Liebherr, Kobelco, Hitahi, ABI and Bauer.


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New or used pile driving equipment?

Have you ever considered buying second hand pile driving equipment? Used equipment tends to require a significantly lower investment. Furthermore, a used machine does not depreciate as much as a new one. All used pile driving equipment at Piledrivershop.com is checked and serviced by our technical staff. Therefore, we guarantee reliability and a maximum uptime.


Used pile driving equipment



Why choose Piledrivershop.com?

As part of one of the largest foundation companies in the Netherlands, the Van ’t Hek Group, we have many years’ experience in the piling and drilling business. Also, over the years, our worldwide network has begun to see us for the reliable partner we are, selling only high quality new and used equipment from well-known and trusted manufacturers.  Furthermore, we deliver pile driving equipment all around the world. Contact us, because we will be able to be of service to you, no matter where you are located.


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