A hydraulic hammer to limit noise and pollution

Hydraulic hammersAre you building in a densely populated area? Then consider using a hydraulic hammer. Here’s why.

The advantages of a hydraulic hammer

A hydraulic hammer is used in construction, either to drive the sheets into the ground or to prepare the surface of the ground for the laying of the foundation. Hydraulic hammers can also be used to break concrete. They are therefore often used in the demolition industry. There are various sorts of hammers, such as diesel powered, vibratory and hydraulic hammers. They all have their advantages.

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As we now focus on hydraulic hammers, here’s an overview of their most important advantages:

  • A hydraulic hammer is more environmentally friendly than its diesel counterparts, as it generates less pollutants.
  • It is also quieter than diesel and vibratory hammers
  • It does not use vibration to drive piles into the ground. Therefore, there is no risk of disrupting the stability of buildings surrounding the site.

These advantages have resulted in a clear preference of a hydraulic hammer over a diesel of vibratory one when working in densely populated areas, such as cities.

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Why buy hydraulic hammers at Piledrivershop

Hydraulic hammerAt Piledrivershop, we are known for our expertise in the foundation business. Based on our extensive knowledge of and experience in pile drivers, hydraulic hammers and other drilling machines, we have created a strong international network. We boast a large number of new and used hydraulic hammers, all of which from renowned brands such as Junntan, Menck, Ice and Woltman, to name but a few.


The machines we sell are checked and maintained by our team of experienced technicians. You can be assured that a hydraulic hammer from Piledrivershop will perform optimally. Should you consider buying a hydraulic hammer, then keep Piledrivershop in mind. We deliver worldwide: at your site as well.

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