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hitachi craneChoose a Hitachi crane and you choose reliability and efficiency. Wishing to “contribute to society by developing superior technology and products”, this company has grown steadily for over a century. And for good reason! Let us explain. But first, let’s dive into the advantages of crawler cranes.


Benefits of using a crawler crane

Crawler cranes are beautiful machines. They can lift and move heavy loads. Due to their caterpillar tracks they can move easily over soft surfaces. They do not need outriggers: the tracks themselves provide enough stability. The result: a highly flexible piece of equipment that requires a shorter set-up time than other machinery. Furthermore, most crawler cranes have a lattice boom. This enables the machine to lift and move even heavier loads than other cranes, whilst keeping the contraption relatively lightweight.
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Advantages of a Hitachi crane bought from

On top of these favourable characteristics, a Hitachi crane is comfortable, and safe in use. For example, monitoring cameras allow for excellent visibility. The use of hydraulic power makes the machines more economically friendly. And again, its flexibility and strength allow for highly efficient work.


To boost these qualities, buying from ensures a long life span and maximum uptime. This is because we employ a team of highly skilled technicians, who check and maintain every machine before we put it up for sale. As delivers worldwide, we will ship your Hitachi crane to your building site, no matter where you are located.
As part of one of Holland’s largest foundation companies, the Van ‘t Hek Group, has top-notch knowledge of crawler cranes, piling rigs and drilling equipment. Make use of our industry experience and contact us with any questions you might have!
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