Drilling equipment for sale

Drilling equipment for sale

When you are looking for drilling equipment for sale, take Piledrivershop.com into consideration.


Drilling equipment for sale

Drilling is a technique used to build deep foundations, but also to create water or gas wells, sample sub surface mineral deposits, tunnel constructions or to test rock or soil properties. When the ground you need to penetrate is particularly hard or dense, or when you need to drill large diameter piles, the best option is to drill shafts, into which concrete is poured. This technique requires special drilling equipment that we sell in our Piledrivershop.  The brands we supply, are Bauer, Soilmac, Casagrande, Delmag, Liebherr, Mait Funda, Klemm, Junttan and HBR.


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New or used equipment for sale?

Buying new or used equipment both have its advantages. For example, new machinery will contain the latest technical developments. However, they come at a price. Used equipment helps to cut your procurement budget significantly, when you buy the right machine for the task you need.

Unless you buy from Piledrivershop.

At Piledrivershop.com, we have both new and used pile driving equipment for sale. All our machines are thoroughly checked by our technical staff. Therefore, we guarantee perfect performance and reliability.


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With our many years of experience in the foundation business, we know exactly which equipment is good for your job. Therefore, we only supply the highest quality equipment from various well-known manufacturers. Furthermore, we have built strong relationships and a solid foundation as a reliable vendor within our worldwide network. Finally, we deliver drilling equipment all around the world. So no matter where your project is located, we are at your service to assist in all way of manner.


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Should you have any questions about the drilling equipment for sale at Piledrivershop, do not hesitate to contact us! We can be reached at +31 299 3130527 or at info@piledrivershop.com.

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