Diesel hammer: highly efficient in costs and output

Diesel hammerModern pile driving first made use of a diesel hammer. It wasn’t until later that other methods came into being, for example vibratory hammers and hydraulically powered ones. Are you looking into buying a diesel hammer for your pile driver? Then read more about its advantages.

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Why use a diesel hammer for pile driving?


There are a number of situations in which diesel is preferred over hydraulics or vibration. First of all, diesel hammers were the first to replace manual and animal labour. They have been in use for so long that you will be hard pressed to find a construction worker who does not know how to use one. Furthermore, a diesel hammer will cost significantly less than a hydraulic or vibratory one, especially now that fuel costs are low. So if you are looking to cut your procurement budget, we advise you to choose diesel.


Also, problems with hydraulic or vibratory hammers more often than not need a specialist to carry out repairs. Diesel hammers, on the other hand, can often be repaired on site, by your own staff. This ensures maximum uptime and therefore more output.

Should you choose a new or a used diesel hammer?

Diesel hammersAgain, if you wish to reduce costs, than buying a used diesel hammer is your best option. Especially if you buy at Piledrivershop. This is because Piledrivershop thoroughly checks all machines before we put them up for sale. We therefore guarantee perfect performance of utmost reliability. Of course, if you opt to buy a new diesel hammer, you will benefit from the latest technical improvements, such as reductions in noise and pollution, to name but a few.

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More reasons to buy at Piledrivershop:

We only sell diesel hammers from established brands, such as JUNTTAN, ICE Powerpack, ETEC, Kobelco, Hitachi, and ABI. As we mentioned above, we have technical staff that services all machines we sell. Rest assured that your diesel hammer will perform adequately. Furthermore, we have ample experience in the foundation business and are well able to advise you on which hammer is best for your job. We have a strong international network and deliver worldwide. So no matter where you are located, we will be able to be of service to you.


Any questions about diesel hammers? Do not hesitate to contact us. Should you have any questions about diesel hammers, feel free to contact us at any time. We can be reached at +31 299 313 05 27 or at info@piledrivershop.com