Crawler crane: buy one if you require superior stability and heavy duty lifting

Crawler CraneA crawler crane is a machine that moves around on caterpillar tracks. It can lift heavy loads, and can also move around a site with it. Are you thinking about buying one? Then read on.

The stability of a crawler crane, and its load lifting capacity

All crawler cranes have caterpillar tracks. These tracks are also called crawlers, hence the name of the crane.

Because of the tracks, the weight of the crawler crane is more evenly distributed than for example a truck crane or a hydraulic crane. The result is an ability to move over soft ground without sinking in. If you need a strong crane that is suitable of working on unprepared sites, than a crawler crane is what you need.

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Another advantage of crawler cranes over other types of cranes is their short set-up time: they do not need outriggers, because the caterpillars provide enough stability. Finally, a crawler crane typically has a lattice boom. This lattice structure keeps the boom light and allows the crane to lift heavier loads than other cranes. We offer crawler cranes of well-known manufacturers, such as Hitachi, Demag, Manitowoc, and Kobelco.

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Are there no disadvantages?

Yes, there is one. A crawler crane is large. So large, in fact, that it needs to be disassembled to be moved from one building site to another. Your site also needs to have room to assemble and disassemble the machine.

Crawler cranesBut when you work on big projects and need to do some heavy duty lifting, you cannot do without this type of crane.


Why buy a crawler crane at Piledrivershop?

As you can see, we offer a large number of crawler cranes and have become a trusted vendor within our international network. Due to our yearlong experience in the field of lifting, as well as piling and drilling, we know all there is to know about crawler cranes. We offer only the best new and used cranes.

New and used crawler cranes

All the machines we sell at Piledrivershop are extensively checked and maintained by our team of professionals. We can therefore guarantee perfect performance and maximum uptime. Furthermore, when you buy at Piledrivershop, we deliver to your site, wherever you are located. Any questions? We are glad to be of assistance. Have you got any questions about our crawler cranes, their specifications or prices? Feel free to contact us at any time.


In case you are ready to carry out an inspection on a crawler crane you are considering buying, we invite you to make an appointment. Simply leave your contact details and we will contact you to schedule a meeting.