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Selling cranes, hammers and miscellaneous on has a ‘all Inclusive’ principle.

Are you looking to sell your piling and drilling equipment for the BEST price at low cost?

There are several reasons to sell your crane. It becomes a surplus in your fleet, it will reach a certain age or your project finished?
To achieve the best price for your used crane you need a global network, expertise and the right people.


The Piledrivershop works again the following steps:

  1. Price            > Owner and determinate a sales price.
  2. Selling         > sells proactive by their global network.
  3. After sales   > draws up contract of sale an finalizes deal including payments.
  4. Transfer      > can arrange the shipment/transfer.

If is NOT successful in selling your equipment, there are NO COSTS involved!


Why sell equipment via

  • Show your equipment for free!
  • By sale no hassle! No sales fee!
  • Global network worldwide!
  • More than 2000 visitors a day!
  • We take care of the complete sales process, while you continue operate!
  • Full payment before delivery!
  • Trustful partnership!

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