Sheet piling installation

Sheet piling installationSheet piling installation is achieved by hammering or vibrating steel sheet sections into the ground. The sheets have interlocking edges so that a continuous wall can be realised, enabling a safe excavation. In most cases a sheet piling installation is realised with steel sheets, but concrete sheet piles have been in use for over a hundred years as well to create a very durable construction which requires little maintenance. Installation of sheet piling is a widely used method by steel sheet piling contractors in order to create space to build structures such as parking garages, foundations and cofferdams. Also in water environments the installation of sheet piling allows contractors to build seawalls, quay and bulkheads. The interlocked sheet piles form a wall for permanent or temporary lateral earth support with reduced groundwater inflow.

Method to realise sheet piling installation

A commonly used method to realise sheet piling installation is by using vibratory hammers. Traditional pile drivers use a large weight to strike a sheet which has quite a few disadvantages in the sense of noise and vibrations. Vibratory hammers however use spinning counter-weights to create vibration to the sheet, which allows it to easily cut into the ground. In areas where even these hammers create too much inconvenience, the sheets can also be hydraulically pushed into the ground, if soil conditions allow it. Clearly, for applications in inner cities the vibration-free silent sheet piling technique is often preferable. In this way, sheet piling installation is vibration free and there is little noise production.

Type of sheet piling installation

The type of sheet piling installation depends on the project at hand. Will the work take place on land or on water? Along a railroad perhaps or in a city? At you can find all the equipment you need to get your project going. We have piling rigs for sale and many other machines for piling and drilling. Please contact us today for more information.

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