Sheet piling contractors

Sheet piling contractorsSheet piling contractors need the best equipment available to make sure their projects are finished in time and within budget. Sourcing your equipment has become much easier with is part of Van ‘t Hek Group, one of the major sheet piling contractors in the world and deep foundation specialist. As a sheet piling contractor, we are involved in different projects around the globe, providing a complete range of foundation techniques and directly related services.

We supply various pile systems, sheet piling constructions, foundation equipment and foundation advice, provide training sessions & courses and expert staff know-how in foundation work on a contract basis.

One stop shop for sheet piling contractors

Due to the demand for reliable used and new equipment by sheet piling contractors was developed as a one stop shop and knowledge partner for heavy equipment such as small piling rigs and heavy lift mobile cranes. In our shop you will find all the equipment required by sheet piling contractors and piling contractors in general.

Sheet piling contractors will not only find new equipment but, used machines as well. Before they are offered, these machines are checked by our technical staff and repaired when needed. In this way, we can guarantee top quality at a reasonable price. In addition, we can customize every machine to your specific needs.

Growing demand for piling and drilling equipment

There is a growing demand for piling and drilling equipment worldwide. has different piling machines for sale. Do you need a specific machine that is currently not on offer? We are constantly expanding our product line. If you need anything just send us an email.

Through our large network we can offer sheet piling contractors and general piling contractors both used and new foundation equipment as well as all piling related equipment. will take care of transport, making sure your equipment arrives on time at the designated location.

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