Pile Drivers

Pile drivers are used to create deep foundations for any type of construction. When using a pile driver, a heavy weight is placed above the pile. This weight is lifted and then dropped onto the pile, in order to drive the pile into the ground.


Types of pile drivers

Pile drivers use hydraulic hammers, diesel hammers or vibratory hammers to drive the piles, or sheet piles, into the ground. Piles are usually made of steel or concrete. In cases when a continuous barrier in the ground is needed, for example when building a foundation, a cofferdam or a parking garage, sheet piling is applied. Sheet piles are thin interlocking sheets of steel. They are driven into the ground by vibratory hammers and silent pilers. These are hammers that use spinning counter-weights to create vibration to the sheet. With this drilling energy its more easily to drill than traditional pile drivers. When vibrations are inconvenient, for example when building a structure in a populated area, hydraulic hammers or diesel hammers can be used instead.


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