Junttan PM20

Junttan Respecting Ground

Since 1983 Finnish manufacturer Junttan has been building the well-designed and renowned Junttan PM20. In 2010 the company introduced its successor the PMx20.Contractors looking for a lightweight, compact and versatile Junttan pile driver appreciate the Junttan PM20 as an excellent machine for driving timber, steel and concrete piles in different types of soil for foundation purposes. Junttan PM20 boasts a lightweight construction, but at the same time has the capacity for heavy duty pile driving. As a matter of fact, the Junttan PM20 has some of the same features as the bigger machines manufactured by Junttan.


Top features of the Junttan PM20

Junttan PM20

  • Recommended hammer ram weight: 3000 to 5000 kg
  • Maximum pile length with SHK 100-3/4 hammer: 20 meters (~66 ft)
  • Proven productivity due to excellent mobility
  • Easy and fast handling of piles
  • Top pile driving performance with Junttan hydraulic hammers
  • Optional side drill or vibrator hammer


The Junttan PM20 is extremely rugged

The design of the machine is extremely rugged and has proven to withstand even the most demanding working conditions, year after year. To ensure that, you are able to start your project as quickly as possible, the Junttan PM20 is equipped with a self-erecting leader and a number of other technical features that allow the rig to be operational in minutes after arriving at the project location.
When developing the Junttan PM20 the Finish manufacturer not only wanted to design a rugged and productive machine for contractors but, also a machine that takes good care of its driver. The cabin is ergonomic and safe which allows the driver to concentrate on the job at hand. The horizontal movement of the leader ensures fast spotting of the pile making operating the machine easier.

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