Bauer piling rigs

Bauer piling rigs are considered to be some of the best small piling rigs available.

Bauer is originally a German company that originates back to 1970. When the company’s building activities were in dire need of high-end drilling and piling equipment, the decision was made to develop and build these machine in-house. The new Bauer piling rigs were originally intended to be used only in-house, but around 1985 the company decided to sell them on the open market as well. At that time there was a significant demand from construction companies for Bauer piling rigs and other machines and Bauer could only justify the developing cost of these expensive machines by producing them in high volumes.

Bauer piling rigs at

From that time on, developing and manufacturing sophisticated drilling and piling equipment for construction companies around the world has become a major focus for Bauer. Because of this focus, Bauer is now able to supply a full range of specialist machines such as piling rigs and other specialist foundation engineering equipment. If you are looking for a Bauer piling rig than you have come to the right place at We are part of the largest foundation company in the Netherlands, the Van ‘t Hek Group. As a piling and drilling specialist we know the demands of our customers. Do you need a hydraulic piling rig machine? We know the type of equipment you need for your projects and will provide you with the best advice possible.

Used Bauer piling rigs

Currently, there are a number of used Bauer piling rigs on offer as well as other equipment such as pile driving hammers and equipment for steel sheet piling contractors. All used rigs on offer are checked and serviced by our technical staff which assures you an attractive price for top quality machines. Please get in touch with us if you want to find out more about our product and services.