Do you also supply other foundation equipment?

We are expanding the product line we offer online. If you need anything just send an email. Through our large network we can offer you both used and new foundation equipment as well as all piling related equipment.


What differentiates you from OEM hydraulic hammers suppliers?

For the production of sleeves, anvils etc. we are more flexible, faster and have a very competitive pricing compared to these suppliers. We supply all mayor Dutch contractors.


Can components be returned?

Components can be returned within fourteen days after receiving the components. In order to do so piledrivershop.com has to be notified by mail within this period. Components need to be sent back to us and after receiving the components the price of the component will be refunded. The costs of transportation is not refunded.


Do you give any warranty on used products?

All used machines are in good condition and fully checked but we do not give any warranty on used machines (see terms and conditions).


Can you deliver to all countries?

Due to trade regulations we cannot supply products to the following countries; Cuba, Iran, Myanmar, North Korea, Somalia and Sudan.


What payment methods are supported?

We only support advance bank payments (wire transfer). Payment before shipment.


Can I inspect the machines anywhere that you offer online?

All machines can be inspected on request. The majority is located in our factory near the city of Amsterdam (The Netherlands). For the cranes we offer the location is given in the description.


What is the shipping period?

Components are shipped within a week. Used and new machines in stock are shipped within a week after receiving payment.


What does the transport of the hammers cost?

This depends on the hammer and the destination. Up to D46 diesel hammers can be transported in a normal 20ft container, larger hammers need a 40ft container and / or open top container. For a 20 ft container from Holland to Asia, door-to-port, a rough approximation would be € 2500.


How about VAT?

For companies from within the EU, we require a VAT ID in order not having to charge VAT. However, for companies within the Netherlands, the standard VAT (BTW) will be added. For companies outside of the EU, we do not require a VAT ID and no VAT will be charged.


Do you also rent hammers?

Yes we do, contact us for more details.


Can I exchange my hammer for an overhauled hammer?

If you want to buy a hammer from us we can take in your old hammer (if it is economically interesting, including transporting cost) , contact us for more details.


Do you buy used hammers?

We are always interested in used hammers for overhauling, contact us if you have a hammer to offer.


Can you overhaul our hammer?

We have all technology in house to overhaul any kind of hammer.

Overhauling a hammer typically involves: new piston rings, machining the piston, machining the anvil, new 2 piece ring for guiding the anvil, refurbishment of the fuel pump and  if needed replacing the liner of the cylinder. We will also clean it thoroughly and have it painted completely. If you want to know what overhauling of your hammer costs contact us.

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